Credit goes to Zwampert for lending me the Clefable! (since mine couldn’t learn Cosmic Power)

Omg I love chibipaint so much. Speedpaint (1h30)
I caught a shiny Manectric \o/


Trade/commission plush for Noroit!  This is actually a few months old, but I guess I forgot to post the pictures anywhere, haha.

Plush is made from minky and measures around 11” (if I remember correctly) from tip to hilt.



Magical Girl Gijinkas.

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Porygon-Z’s powers shot out with each puncture of her body. So many of her injuries are self-inflicted for massive damage to the opponent.

Gothitelle’s ribbons pull off to be whips, wraps, butterflies to become explosives.

Metagross will stab your face with her heels or crush your head between her thighs.

Swalot oozes poison and acid. The diamonds on her wrist she can use as shields or an extension of her poison.

Aegislash hair with crush your face, and can summon a sword and shield for battle.


Made a double sided keychain with my favorite pokemon

Shiny Starters and Shiny Pikachu
heck yeah shinies
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